External Panel


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Ecologic expanded polyurethane ( 45kg/m³ ) injected by pressure, according to European norms and hot-stabilized.


Fire resistance


class 1




Fire resistance class 0


K-metal polyurethane with a basis of polyester auto-extinguishable with finishing embossed metal film.


Fire resistance class 1


The panel can be type sandwich, built of two painted sheets and united in a way to form a hollow space in which is pressure-injected expanded polyurethane of the ecological type, according to European norms and hot-stabilized, or rock-wool. Panel type single wall covered inside with thermic and acoustic insulating material.


We realize panels with a thickness of 25 or 47mm, depending on the requirements, using zinc-steel, fore-painted steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

The panel is fixed to the loom with auto-drilling screws with the interpolation between panel and loom of an expanded polyethylene, physically reticulated, washer to allow a perfect seal between the structure and the panel.